MCT's Own Suspension Productsmct

We are constantly increasing the products we have manufactured to suit our own specifications.

We have developed our own 20mm piston kit over a number of years with great success, and can be adapted for a comfortable road setting or a lap record breaking supersport setting!

The large majority of the fork springs, and some shock springs, that we fit we have had manufactured to specific tolerances, to allow us to do the best job possible with your bike.

Ohlins Suspension Products

The Öhlins trademark speaks for itself and has become 'the name' in the world of suspension

Öhlins Suspension is used by racers at all levels from club and rookie racing to the top MotoGP teams showing its versatility and ability
to adapt to all levels

We are able to supply, modify and repair all Öhlins products, including shock absorbers, fork piston kits, fork cartridge kits,
steering dampers and complete forks.


Nitron Suspension productsNitron Suspension products

We stock, supply and fit Nitron suspension products. Based in the UK, Nitron develop and manufacture both road and track suspension for the world’s premier tuners, race teams and manufacturers. Nitron are respected worldwide for their range of premium suspension systems for motorsport and ultimate road performance. Use of cutting edge design and state of the art technology within our high pressure gas mono-tube damper system ensures optimum performance under all conditions. All Nitron shocks supplied are bespoke built to customers individual needs and requirements. This can be rider weight, use and preference.


Custom Suspension WorkCustom Work

Here at MCT we take pride in completing jobs that many companies would dismiss as not possible or not worthy of their time.

If you have any jobs you would like to discuss please contact us.